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“Learning Islam is hard for people who cant reach the right persons. We want to make it easy for someone to learn about Islam in a short time. We will work hard on this site to make it as big as possible”

Altug Sogutoglu, Founder

Who We Are

Esselamu aleykum ve rahmetullahi ve berekatuh

We are a new online e learning service named ‘E-Mosque’. With our online e learning service we want to bring change in the world. With change we mean real change. Making possible to learn about the Islam everywhere in the world and keep track of your accomplishments.

We know this is not an easy thing to do so we do it together with the help of you and others. We will continue to work on the site to make it as good as possible but we need people that can make courses and lessons. We have a small group ourself to post courses, e books, news and much more but we will always search for more help to do this.


Trust is important, especially when it comes to learn Islam. Nowadays the Islam is in a bad view by many countries and other beliefs. With making a open website we try to aim for policy that makes learning fun and not otherwise. We are Sunni Muslims and read the holy Quran ourselfs. We are not perfect in reading and translating but this doesnt stop us from teaching basic or advanced lessons about the Islam. If you have questions about anything feel free to send us an mail!

Thanks for reading brother/sister,

InshaAllah we will make it possible to learn Islam everywhere anytime.

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Altug Sogutoglu